Energy Transmission Lines

Reinforced Concrete, Galvanized-Bolted Steel Pole Energy Transmission Lines installation.

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154kV & 380kV Distrubition Substations

154kV & 380kV Distrubition Substation projects.

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Energy Automation and Scada System

Energy Automation and Scada System projects.

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City Electric Networks

Transformer Substations, Distrubition Substations, Pole Type Substations, Infrastructural Cable Installations.

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LV-MV-HV Compensation

LV-MV-HV Compensation projects.

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City and Motorway Lightings

Street & Field Lighting, Motorway Lighting.

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Activities Overseas

Dalkiranlar Nigeria and Nova Transformer

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Civil and Infrastructure Works

Various Civil and Infrastructure Works.

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Solar Energy Systems - Dalkiran Solar

Solar Energy Systems Project Development and EPC Solar Power Plant Installations.

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